A new way of sell things between groups of your interest. Diferent, isn't it?

  • Easy & free

    Setting up your account is quick and simple. In a few steps you’ll be able to start using Keapo to sell.

    Easy & free
  • Groups

    Create & follow private or public groups to sell your stuff.

    Be part of Groups
  • See what you like

    Be part of the groups that have things that you like or make them.

    See what you like
  • Don´t waste time

    Sell things to people that are interested on things you have..

    Don´t waist time
  • Watch it well

    Check all the details, ask questions and contact the seller.

    Watch it well
  • Ask & answer

    Contact the seller via private chat or comments to ask anything.

    Ask & answer
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What kinds of groups you can create?

  • Family

    There are things only your family could want or see.

  • Friends

    You know them so you know what they want.

  • School

    Maybe your classmates want your old stufs.

  • Product Fans

    You love or own a brand? Sell only that.

  • Profesional

    Selling real estates or car? Create a place for it.

  • Nearby

    Also you can check what people are selling around.

Praise for Keapo

"After 2 years of watching how people sell things we decided to make Keapo different form everything is out there."

  • Alvaro Talavera

    Alvaro Talavera

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Bruck

    Prof. Dr. Peter Bruck

  • Lucian Masalar

    Lucian Masalar

    Mobile Architect
  • Alex Heikel

    Alex Heikel


Sell things privately
with groups of your interest.